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P.K. Benbow

If you read my backstory to this painting about feeling lots of pressure from lots of people, don’t worry, it’s not this club I’m talking about. You guys are my light at the end of the tunnel. Or in this case, the light outside of the room.

But as Artists we sometimes get overwhelmed by responsibilities that we create for ourselves.

We can go back and forth between desperate times of eagerly taking any work we can get, to getting so much work that we get overwhelmed, and still somehow manage to struggle keeping everything together and everything paid for.

Unlike any other kind of entrepreneur, by the time an Artist is doing well enough to make a living at it, we are expected to be a one-man manufacturing plant that can’t be outsourced or delegated as well as everything else that is involved with running a business to keep things going.

I say this club is the light at the end of my tunnel because it lets me get ahead by making Art and THEN selling it. And helping other Artists sell their work helps me too because I can scale beyond a one man show.

So poetically enough, this work of Art is actually connected to this club in a very personal way. Because you guys are actively helping me grow out of this problem one bid at a time.

So thank you for that!

5 yrs ago

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