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P.K. Benbow

Khris is one of my favorite Artists. He has a beautiful mind and he likes to paint things as a means to explore and experiment. He has a remarkable ability to take what is in his imaginative mind and turn it into compelling Art.

I had technical difficulties adding subtitles to this video for the hearing impaired, so to summarize the key points he is saying about it here:
"I painted this picture for the fun of it. As I often do, painting things just to see the outcome. I like putting things in a collage sense, but with great composition."
"This painting was inspired by a picture I saw online. I wanted to take little elements of it for myself and put it in this painting."
"One thing I'm really proud of is getting a sense of movement from the orbs of light. I added those in last, and it makes the painting."
"He's a God. I like working with myths and deities. I love working with men in power, geometric shapes, Architecture, and a lot of cities as you may see in my Art."

3 yrs ago

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