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P.K. Benbow

"Having autism makes me like things ordered and neat, lines parallel and straight. It is ingrained into me, I find comfort in regular patterns, routine and repetition.

These works were made at a time when I really pushed myself to break my habit of only laying an inky line down on paper using a ruler.

The process was uncomfortable to begin with. Not having a plan and struggling to be free. I still found myself wanting to reach for a pencil and straight edge to rough things out before allowing ink to touch the paper.

Halfway through I was arguing with myself about picking up the pencil again and just went for it, in ink. I pushed more and found myself getting freer and more comfortable. I still had to indulge in some straight lines and structures occasionally to achieve some semblance of order though.

My work since has been less planned and more organic.

These pieces represent a very significant change in direction for my art, and me personally."

-Martin Willis

5 yrs ago

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